Anti-Gravity iPhone Cases

It's not Magic!

It's not Magic!

Frogcase sticks on smooth, glossy surfaces by creating a partial vacuum with the special resin gel on its back.

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The Designs

The Designs

Our simple and clean designs are inspired by elements of nature.

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Use Frogcase To...

  • Shoot time lapse videos

  • Take group photos

  • Take hands free selfies

  • Display recipes

  • Display music scores

  • Take gym selfies



$13.99 USD

Belja is as classic and rustic as grandpa's vintage briefcase, only that it is animal-free. Show off your tan with our leather printed case.



$24.99 USD

$29.99 USD

Carrara marble has been used since the time of Ancient Rome. Its pristine white colour and grey-coloured veins formed under high temperature and pressure in the Earth's crust. This beautiful white marble print comes with a transparent all-round bumper with anti-slip ridges. 


$19.99 USD

$29.99 USD

Pure and clear like the morning dew, our new transparent case is available for both iPhone 6 and 6 plus. The new case design features an all-round soft bumper with anti-slip ridges, providing enhanced protection.


$13.99 USD

Dark blue as the deepest oceans, Navy cradles creatures of mythology and tells tales of epic voyages. Set sail with our navy coloured case. 


$24.99 USD

$29.99 USD

Nero Marquina is a black stone marble with distinct white veins from Markina of Spain. This beautiful black marble print comes with a translucent black all-round bumper with anti-slip ridges. 


$13.99 USD

Seafoam is the soft meringue sheets that stretch across the sandy beach as the pulsating waves from the heart of the sea collides with the land where seagulls rest their wary feet. Stroll along the pier with our seafoam coloured case.



An imitation of the brushed steel texture of iphone in space grey. Clean and modest but destined to impress. Keep it simple with our space grey print case.



Taiga is the Russian word for the boreal forest biome, where elks roam through pines and spruces, and bears fish along the clear blue lakes. Hold on to the wild spirit with our dark pine wood printed case.


$13.99 USD
Ta-ke is the Japanese word for bamboo, an evergreen, fast-growing plant that symbolises endurance and vitality in cultures of the Far East. Express your inner zen with our pressed bamboo printed case.


How does it work?

The back of Frogcase contains a special resin gel that adheres to smooth, non-porous, surfaces such as:

✓ Mirrors
✓ Glass
✓ Tiles
✓ Polished marble
✓ Stainless steel
✓ Acrylic or acrylic paint
by creating a partial vacuum between the gel and the surface and is easily removable by gently lifting the case.

What is Frogcase?

Tree frogs are some of the most agile climbers in nature, they can effortlessly climb trees and walls vertically. Frogcase took inspiration from them and created phone cases that mimic their ability to climb smooth, non-porous surfaces.

What are the shipping and returns policy?

Read our shipping and returns policy here.

How long does Frogcase stick to smooth surfaces?

The adhesive properties of Frogcase depend on many factors, namely temperature, humidity, the cleanliness and material of the surfaces. Therefore, we cannot warrant a minimum time that Frogcase will stick under independent conditions. Please make sure your case is securely attached to the surface before removing your hands, as we cannot be held liable for any damage caused.

Why doesn't my Frogcase stick as well as it used to?

Our gel is meant to last years, but the presence of dust and oil can impair the adhesive properties of our gel. Please clean the gel regularly with a damp, non-shedding cloth, or with alcohol pads for the best result.

Will there be other designs?

Yes. We do plan to expand our collection and range of compatible devices.

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