Top 5 Free iOS Apps For The Perfect Selfie!

Okay you are now taking amazing hands-free selfies, but there's a huge pimple on your forehead that is drawing all the attention. Don't panic! We've got you covered in this blog post. Check out these five free apps on the App Store that will come to the rescue. We all know the importance of editing, even Kim and Beyoncé has been caught sneakily altering their selfies for the perfect look! 

1. Snapchat

Gigi and Kendall on Snapchat frogcase selfie apps

Snapchat is a messaging app that we are all too familiar with. But now that their face lenses are free to use, you can make use of their beautifying lenses to change your eye colour, or even put on some cat ears to spice things up. This feature is not limited to photos, you could also apply it in video messages. The downside is that their featured lenses rotate from time to time, so you might not have access to your favourite lens at all times. It is actually not impossible to access previously featured lenses, but that would involve changing your phone's date. 

2. Snapseed


Snapseed is an all-round photo-editing tool developed by Google. Not only does it support basic photo processing techniques like brightness, saturation and blemish healing, it also lets you selectively brush over parts of the photo to create localised effects. Snapseed also has over 20 built-in fine-tunable filters: the best one for selfies would be glamour glow, whereas drama and HDR scape are excellent for more scenic photos.

3. YouCam Perfect


Would you fancy a nose job in just 15 seconds? YouCam has a ton of beautifying tools from nose enhancer to body slimmer and they are all fine-tunable. A range of filters are also available as well as basic photo processing functions. It is easy to use and the option to save your edits as a preset is pretty convenient if you have multiple photos to go through. It also has a wave to take picture function, which is perfect to use in combination with our cases.

4. MeituPic


This app is incredibly popular in Asia, there's even a verb derived from "meitu". MeituPic has their filters categorised into portrait, food, scenery and objects. The portrait filters come with a default skin smoothening effect that is fine-tunable. The 'Glare' filter is my personal favourite because it adds a synthetic sunshine-on-the-face effect when there's practically a storm outside the window. In addition to that you can edit pretty much any imperfection, yes even your height! 

5. Photo Editor by Aviary

frogcase selfie apps aviary

Aviary is has a lot of similarities to Photoshop Express at first glance, and that is because they are actually acquired by Adobe. If we are only comparing free content, Aviary definitely has more functions than Photoshop Express, and that includes texts, doodles, overlays and stickers. You can also pay extra to get full access to their library of filters and stickers.



Lily xx