Amazon Files Patent for Selfie-Pay

amazon selfie pay frogcase

Amazon filed a patent application on selfie-pay technology last October. 

Application of soft biometrics has been gaining popularity in user recognition in recent years. Alibaba introduced "Smile to Pay" last year, HSBC rolled out voice and fingerprint ID security, and we are probably paying on Apple Store using our fingerprints all the time. Facial recognition log in technology has been available for Windows 10 , ASUS and Lenovo laptops, and even apps for years. Biometrics recognition saves the user trouble of having to remember and key in passwords and is proposed to be a step up in security as others will not be able to log in using saved passwords even if the device has been stolen.

Many would ponder upon the possibility of identity theft, but MasterCard and Amazon have came up with the same added measure where users will be prompted to blink an eye, tilt their head or smile at the camera. The software is also capable of telling the difference between a 3D human face and a pre-recorded video. 

According to a test carried out by MasterCard in 500 test subjects, 92% preferred selfie-pay over traditional passwords. Yet, there are factors that could affect accuracy of selfie-pay like lighting and imaging noise, and facial features are less distinctive than irises so to say. 

Neverthe less, selfie-pay will be an interesting new option of user recognition for us clumsy typers and absent minded. 



Lily xx