Frequently Asked Questions

What is Frogcase?

Tree frogs are some of the most agile climbers in nature, they can effortlessly climb trees and walls vertically. Frogcase took inspiration from them and created phone cases that mimic their ability to climb smooth, non-porous surfaces. Read our story here.

How does it work?

We use a gel that adheres to smooth, non-porous, surfaces such as:

✓ Mirrors
✓ Glass
✓ Tiles
✓ Polished marble
✓ Stainless steel
✓ Acrylic or acrylic paint
by the principal of suction (in more advanced terms, van der Waals force) and is easily removable. 


How long does Frogcase stick to smooth surfaces?

The adhesive properties of Frogcase depend on many factors, namely temperature, humidity, the cleanliness and material of the surfaces. Therefore, we cannot warrant a minimum time that Frogcase will stick under independent conditions. Please make sure your case is securely attached to the surface before removing your hands, as we cannot be held liable for any damage caused.

Why doesn't my Frogcase stick as well as it used to?

Our gel is meant to last years, but the presence of dust and oil can impair the adhesive properties of our gel. Please clean the gel regularly with a damp, non-shedding cloth, or with alcohol pads for the best result.  

Will there be other designs?

Yes. We do plan to expand our collection and range of compatible devices.

Can I make custom designs? 

We are happy to collaborate, send us an email at